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At times in life, we are blessed to be able to work with others in reaching the same goals. Although I’ve not met Kim in person yet, I wanted to let you know that each time I’ve had an opportunity to open an escrow with her, it’s as though we know exactly what one another’s expectations are.

As today was another successful closing, I felt I needed to let you both know about my current and past experiences working with Kim. As this current seller was an extremely unpleasant person, which I realize makes it very difficult for those involved, to complete their tasks in a professional manner. I was impressed how Kim handled all challenges (there were many) that came her way. She was professional, polite, providing information in a manner which was understandable and kind. She’s always provided this type of service in the past as well.

It has been pure joy and a pleasure working with Kim. Her dedication, commitment to providing the best service possible to, not only the sellers/buyers but also the agents, far exceeds any escrow company which I’ve used in the past! She is an amazing lady, as well as a great asset to Agent inc.