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The time is now. Our professionals are here to open your world to new transaction possibilities.

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Property Escrows

Our Escrow Officers are trained to conduct every step for a successful property transaction.


We at Agent Mortgage can help you find a new loan with better terms or features that improve your finances.

Agent Notary

We have Notary Signing Agents (NSA’s) to facilitate loan closings for the mortgage industry.

Agent Transaction

Our real estate transaction coordinators are devoted solely to processing listings and transactions under contract.

Agent Exchange

1031 Exchange is both an efficient and effective method to preserve capital, readjust a portfolio, and invest in a new property.

Agent Warranty

We’re dedicated to providing you with the service and knowledge you need to avoid financial pitfalls.

Our Company

About Agent Escrow

In a saturated marketplace of Escrow services and products, we use hyper-focused technique, industry experts and a process driven platform that delivers beyond expectations in revolutionary ways that service all levels of the Real Estate process and beyond.

Featured Escrow Team

AGENT ESCROW has an extensive team of experienced professionals to assist its clients to (1) follow federal and state Consumer protection laws, (2) protect Consumer trust funds, and (3) protect Consumer non-public personal information.

Why Choose Agent Escrow?

Agent Escrow Client Reviews

Jen T

Home Seller ・ Laguna Beach

“Dear Michelle, I enjoyed working with you. I would say by far you are one of the best Escrow companies that I have worked with. Have a wonderful day.”

Agent Escrow
Your Needs Met

Gloria M

Buyer Agent ・ Orange County

“I have been a licensed Realtor for over 10 years in California. Agent Escrow has helped me bring many buyers to the closing table. During the closing, Agent Escrow goes through all documents clearly so both parties understand and feel confident.”

Agent Escrow
Your Needs Met

Jake S

Home Buyer ・ Orange County

“Agent Escrow did not drop the ball! I loved working with their friendly and efficient team.”

Agent Escrow
Your Needs Met

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Agent Inc. Magazine
R E A D   N O W

Agent Inc. Magazine
R E A D   N O W